Your fitness journey depends entirely on you and your body. There is no magic workout regimen or schendule that works for everyone. What DOES work for everyone is dedication and giving your body a mix of activity. By incorporating strength training, cardio, aerobic, anaerobic, balance & breath work into your weekly workout schedule you will maximize results. You need to surprise, rest, strengthen, and stretch your muscles throughout the week so you don’t burnout and can keep fighting the healthy living fight!

Quick Tips:

Classpass: Try out studios and teachers in your area for one monthly fee. Also a great way to workout when you are traveling…no excuses!

Meet up with a friend or acquaintance: Fitness is all about accountability. If you feel like you might let yourself down, invite someone along to a class. Chances are you won’t bail if you’ve made plans!

Make fitness a non-negotiable part of your day. You and your body are the most important thing in your life. If you do not have control over your body, you will not have control over anything else in your life. Make some sort of movement a priority even if that means cancelling plans or rescheduling meetings.



Yoga- Hot or Not

2-3 Times a Week

It is important for body, mind and emotions that you find time on your mat each week. Personally, Vinyasa is my favorite kind of class where I can stretch and restore my muscles while still getting a workout. Vinyasa is a type of yoga where you move one breath to one movement. It is important to find a teacher who understands this method of yoga and does not lead the sequence too fast. Yoga should be slow and deliberate. You should generate heat from within.

There is a great debate on whether hot yoga is better than not. I personally only like heated yoga in the winter when I’m feeling the winter blues and need a little pick me up. Otherwise, I find creating your own heat with your fellow yogi’s far more powerful than being tricked into thinking you are working harder just because you are sweating bullets.

Go-To Studio: Hot Yoga of East Nashville

Go-To Teachers: Lauren Zoeller, Lindsay Dial, Koula Callahan


Barry’s Bootcamp

2 Times a Week

I am totally obsessed with Barry’s Bootcamp as it’s cardio and strength training all in one, 60 minute butt kicking session. 30 minutes on the treadmill, 30 minutes on the floor with weights and bands. The dim, red lighting mixed with the group energy allows you to tune out your daily B.S. and focus on getting your sweat on while building muscle and a feeling of accomplishment.

Go-To Studio: Barry’s Bootcamp-Gulch

Go-To Teachers: Amanda Galioto, Haley Poston, Matt Dye

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Reformer Pilates-Group Class

2-3 Times a Week

Pilates: the greatest workout hack of all time. I am relatively new to pilates. My husband tried to get me to do it and I hated it. But I came back to it on my own and now I love it. It has played a big roll in my muscle definition while giving me those long, lean lines. The reformer was intimidating to me at first but after two classes, it was a piece of cake.

Why I love pilates: I don’t sweat. Its quick; the classes fly by. It’s painless. You can feel the results immediately.

The Benefits: Strength. Endurance. Flexibility. Posture. Balance.

Go-To Studio: Marathon Pilates East, Marathon Pilates 12 South, The Pilates Garage

Go-To Teachers: Erin Jarrett, Kelli Stewart, Shasta Williams, Hannah Croteau