The Nashville Ginger

About Me:

I grew up in Portland, Maine. Right there on the coast.  My first mode of transportation was a dinghy which I would use to motor to my best friends house up the shore. Seriously. How cute is that? When it was too cold on the coast, my family and I spent our time on the slopes of Sugarloaf where I learned to ski New England’s finest ice at a young age.   

In high school I excelled at track, cross-country and tennis.  For college, I headed a couple hundred miles south to Boston’s Wentworth Institute of Technology, where I studied interior architecture and facilities management.  During my time at Wentworth, I interned at Harvard Law School to work on their capital projects and was hired right out of college for a job as a Project Manager in Los Angeles at CPM One Source.  

I met my husband, in Los Angeles in 2014 and together we relocated to Nashville in 2016 in search of a simpler, more sustainable life that was more affordable and family-oriented as well as greener and friendlier.  

I took for granted the health and wellness lifestyle of Los Angeles and as I quickly got my bearings, it became clear to me why Nashville had earned its place as the 18th fattest city in the country, the 5th most unhealthy and a place where 1 in 4 residents are obese. Things have gotten a little better since 2016 but, selfishly, it’s not where I need my city to be. There are very few “healthy” restaurants, everything is over-salted and most activities are built around drinking. In Los Angeles, health and wellness is ingrained in the “LA Lifestyle”, not to mention things like traffic, lack of community and and overemphasis on money and social status. But the reality is that there is no Sweetgreen, no good farmer’s market and not even one (good) salad place for lunch in Nashville. The good thing that’s come from my frustration is that since moving to Nashville, I have learned to cook. And not just normal cooking but clean cooking. And I’ve found an amazing fitness routine. Sure, it’s not Equinox but I’ve found ways to align Nashville with my wellness journey. To be clear, I am not a dietician nor am I a personal trainer. I haven’t even been trained in the kitchen. But abs are made in the kitchen and I have a six pack. I also have a bitch of a husband who won’t let me cook with salt and I’ve developed a passion for sharing my simple, clean way of preparing food with friends and their responses and word of mouth praise is worth more than any certificate or Yelp review.

I love my way of life in Nashville. It’s very simple.  I work out every day; yoga, pilates or bootcamp. My husband and I often go rollerblading at Cornelia Fort Airpark in East Nashville. Sometimes I bring our Shiba Inu, Brady. I play on a NALTA tennis team a few times a week.  We have a wonderful group of friends and a community that I have not experienced since I was a kid growing up on the coast in Maine.