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I am here to supply you with personal one-on-one support, wellness advice and tools that will lead you to live a healthy and balanced life.
— Lizzie Zuckerman

Wellness Advising

Through Wellness Advising I hope to assist you on your journey to reach your personal health and wellness goals. I am your support system, available to you during your up’s and down’s, day or night. Together we will find a personal plan that works with your body and lifestyle. And together we will hold you accountable for your choices and actions and encourage you to continue down a path to your healthy and balanced self. I am not a certified or licensed instructor or nutritionist, rather I am a real person who overcame the same challenges, and therefore can relate with you on an equal, common ground— finding and being the most fantastic you.

For those interested in my Wellness program, please fill out the form below by clicking “Apply” and take the first step toward achieving your goals of a healthy and balanced life!

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The greatest workout hack of all time!

I use classpass literally everyday...sometimes twice a day. Depending on your plan and location, it allows you to go to most studios and gyms three times a month, allowing you to diversify your workout routine.

Classpass also works while you travel. Adjust your settings and find classes wherever you are and if you are somewhere that does not have classpass (which is rare), there are virtual classes that you can jump into and workout anytime anywhere!

Intermittent Fasting- Cruise Control Method

Intermittent fasting is not a diet. It is a timed approach to eating. Unlike a dietary plan that restricts where calories come from, I.F does not specify what foods a person should eat or avoid. I.F may have some health benefits, including weight loss but is not suitable for everyone.

The Cruise Control Method is based on intermittent fasting but hacks the rules with delicious drinks and snacks laced with healthy fats that satisfy your hunger without disrupting the fasting process.

You can enjoy frothy, creamy coffees, delicious teas…and even chocolate mousse

The Reading List

Sometimes you need a little inspiration! These ladies have made clean eating easy with their minimalist recipes, approachable techniques, and great taste.